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Colleagues Catching His Uselessness E-mail

This is the worst situation ever! H-o-r-r-e-n-d-o-u-s. It is the 'look' a colleague gives you, that cuts to the bone.  If you have had this 'Look', you will never forget it.  Remember these people are colleagues, not even your friends and you will never know, their true agenda towards you (which could be: jealousy, resentment, competitive status anxiety/socio-economic jealousy, snobbery or even just pure hate; generally true if you weight less than them)

and so, not even one iota of sympathy moreover empathy, seeps from their pores, as the UB reveals himself, in his full glory.  To clarify my point; I have been morbidly mortified to the point of riga mortis, when this has happened to me, in front of colleagues and sadly it has happened more than once (as you are about to read)

  I shall never know how my, adrendals glands have not gone into melt-down, under the stress of the UB. it is quite literally an utter miracle.  

  Ready I will start with the worst one. 

  •  You find out from a male colleague, that the boyfriend, that you thought of  as...... `The love  of your life', had made a homosexual pass at him.
  • `I know someone that told me that, your boyfriend  pawned his Mothers jewellery  to buy drugs'
  • `I thought that you said your boyfriend was an `IT Recruitment Consultant', only my friend told me, that she bought drugs off him, in a club'
  • `My cousin lives in your block.  I heard that your boyfriend  beats the neighbours up'
  • `Congratulations, I heard your boyfriend sold his web site and made thousands' (he kept  it a secret because he was `poncing'  off you)
  • `My next door neighbour is a cab driver and he said he picked up your boyfriend and he asked him `To take me to Lewisham,  so I can by a gun'