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Here we go chick-letts.  let's think of some adjectives...um....lame, pathetic, pitiable...woeful. We are sick of them.  why can't they just say `I don't want to come' or` I don't want to see you anymore?'

I've always been able to take it on the chin and move on 1 nano-secound after....but no it's all the lies and excuses, it's pathetic.

 So below here are the excuses, that I have collated over  the past few years...beat these.....

  • `Nothings going on....... she's my cousin.'
  • `Nothings going on, she's the cleaner'.
  •   That's not cocaine on the side...it's sherbet.
  • `Nothings going on, it's my Pen Pal'.
  •  `Nothings going on I'm just taking my daughter dancing'
  • `I had an accident at work, that's why I can't make it'
  •  I've got another family meal..........'
  • `Do you know why I'm not taking you out on a date? It's because you expect it'.
  • `I just gotta slow down'.  (Meaning I've taken too many drugs in Ibiza)
  •  `No honestly.....it's for tax reasons'
  •   'I'm working'....'I'm working' and 'I'm working'