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You always want to give your relationship the best possible chance  but sometimes in a relationship, sooner or later, you'll find yourself advancing rapidly, towards the `precipice', of doom.  The worst thing is, you know  that it's coming but you still hang on in there, fighting for your relationship, stoic to the last.
   There's always something, one thing, that will eventually tip you over the edge. Oh! that bloody metaphorical straw! When the `Camels Back' is broken, it's so broken! 
  So you and the quadriplegic Camel, find yourselves at the bottom of the ravine; black and blue.  Paradoxically, once there, you find that your blissfully serene.  You rejoice and say Hallelujah! and praise be to any multi-secular deity;your not fussy! because you, your psychological health and your depleted bank balance, have escaped from him, the UB.  Your free as a bird.  
 So Chick-letts, what was your metaphorical straw?  It could have  been something as subtle, as him raising his eyebrow in the wrong fashion, when  the TV  commentator, comments on John Terry's removal as England  captain, just before the World Cup. What about the way he stirs the gravy? The way he flicks up the windscreen wipers? The way he laughs? The way he breathes? Or just the way  that he is.............oh yeah...........USELESS.
So here are my favourite `Last straw morsels'

  • `It was the way he sat on the door step'
  •  `It was the way he giggled'.
  •  `It was the pleasant façade, that masked  his arrogance and patronising  
      nature, when he looked down his nose at the postman'
  • `He  threw away the perfectly good BBQ'
  • `It was the M C Hammer trousers'.
  • `It was the way he did 10 `E's and 3 acid trips'
  •   I married you for 'Better or Worse', not 'Fatter and Fatter'
  •   You lend him your car and he leaves it on a round-about, in Sidcup.  You get a massive    fine.

This section is begging for somemore of these.  This is all I've got!